Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

How do i order?

What is your phone number?

  • (213) 405 - 1500
  • (310) 441 - 2483
  • (562) 299 - 6000
  • (626) 405 - 1101
  • (714) 872 - 5300
  • (760) 776 - 8888
  • (818) 205 - 0500

How do I pay?

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover)
  • Corporate Account
  • Gift Certificate

How much do you charge?

  • The delivery charge is $5.99 dinner and $6.99 lunch
  • All orders include a 3.99% service fee.
  • Gratuities for our field reps are greatly appreciated (15% is customary).
  • For all orders over $70.00 we add a minimum of 10% gratuity.

When are you open?

LAbite is open Monday thru Friday, 9am to 10pm and 4pm to 10pm on Saturday & Sunday. Delivery hours are more limited in some areas, so please check for availability. Deliveries are available for larger parties during off-hours with advance notice.

What does it cost?

Each order has a $5.99 delivery fee for dinner, and a $6.99 delivery fee for lunch. All orders also include a 3.99% convenience fee. Restaurant coupons and promotions do not apply to delivery orders.

Do I have to tip the driver?

Tips are generally not included. A gratuity comparable to what you would tip when dining at a restaurant is appreciated. requests a minimum 10% gratuity for all orders over $70.

Can I order from restaurants not normally in my delivery area?

Most restaurants outside your normal delivery area are available with a larger minimum order and an included 15% gratuity. These restaurants appear on the same page, just below the restaurants shown for your normal delivery area.

What is the minimum order?

Typically, the minimum food order is $20. Higher minimum orders are established for restaurants outside the normal delivery zoning. This total does not include the delivery or convenience fee.

How long does it take for delivery?

Typically, about an hour, though the delivery time can be dependent upon the size of the order, distance, and the current volume of business at your restaurant.

Is everything on the delivery menu the same as in the restaurant?

Some items may not be available for delivery, due to limited availability or because they do not travel well. Prices are subject to change without notice.

What about drinks?

We offer Pepsi products in 12oz cans.

I order for large groups and prefer to have my food packaged in trays so that I can serve the food buffet style. From which restaurants is this type of service available?

Almost every restaurant either publishes a catering menu or can place multiple orders of individual items into trays.

Does keep a record of my past orders?

Yes. To review a past order, just log on to your account or ask your operator.

Do you offer corporate accounts?

Yes, we offer Corporate Select, a comprehensive corporate accounts solution. Learn More