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Featured Restaurants that Specialize in Salads

It’s not easy being greens...

Green salads are no longer just appetizers or side dishes. They have taken center stage as full-fledged entrées, and restaurants have responded to the change. Some restaurants’ main focus is on the salad and produce little else to ensure that the leafy veggies get the attention they deserve. Some establishments allow you to build your own with a selection of ingredients that seems almost endless.

While the simple standards such as the Cobb, the Caesar, and the Chef can still be found on many restaurant menus, they are joined by more complex salads and may even have been reinterpreted. Although some of the ingredients may have been changed, the originals will always still exist. After all, isn’t that what defines a classic?

How Does it Work?

And what is classic L.A.? Having that salad delivered! delivers food to your home or office. Inputting your zip code will allow you to locate restaurants serving salads in your area and have those leafy greens delivered within the hour, or at a later time if you prefer. Planning a soiree that’ll make others green with envy? We’ve got catering options, too!

Popular Salad Restaurants

  1. Stone Oven
  2. Kreation Organic
  3. Chop Stop
  4. Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop
  5. Fresh Brothers
  6. Granville
  7. Saladfarm
  8. California Pita & Grill
  9. Coral Tree Café
  10. Veggie Grill