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It’s not just raw fish...

Suggesting a Japanese restaurant may elicit a response of disinterest in eating raw fish. However, while sushi and sashimi are prominent parts of many Japanese restaurant menus, there are dishes that will appease the food-parasite phobic. Teriyaki dishes are broiled or grilled. Udon and soba are noodle dishes that can be prepared without meat of any kind, which would satisfy any vegetarians. For those who love deep-fried foods, tempura and tonkatsu are a couple of options. But if raw fish is your pleasure, just remember: beware the fubu.

How Does it Work?

No time for dining out? Have the food come to you! can deliver it to your home or office. Simply input your zip code to find Japanese restaurants and have some California rolls delivered within the hour or at a later time of your choosing. Have a group that wants to practice their chopstick skills? We’ve got catering options, too! (Not to mention forks for those lacking chopstick skills.)

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