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Since Brazil is the largest country in South America, most might equate its cuisine as representative of the entire continent. But that would be as erroneous as believing that hamburgers, fried chicken, and pizza are what generally comprises North American cuisine. Each nation, indeed each region of each nation, can offer something unique. Listing all of them could be endless, so here are some of the most popular. Try Brazilian feijoada, a dish of meat and beans. From Venezuela, empanadas (pastries with various fillings) are popular. Red meat is a staple of an Argentinean diet, so go for the grilled steak or ribs. If seafood is more to your liking, seek out the Chilean sea bass for a taste of Chile. Although most of South America has seasons opposite to ours, the range of dining options on both continents is very much the same: practically limitless.

How Does it Work?

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Popular South American

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  3. Café Brasil
  4. 1810 Argentinean Restaurant
  5. Thai & Peru Restaurant
  6. El Morfi Grill
  7. Sabores Del Peru
  8. Nonna's Empanadas
  9. Mofongos
  10. Cesar's Bistro