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Golden State…

Not only is California the Golden State, it is also the gold standard that the other states hope to achieve. Many trends from fashion to music begin here. Food is no exception. While there is no specific cuisine that can be identified exclusively with California, or Los Angeles in particular, like the hot dogs and deep-dish pizza of Chicago, the thin crust pizza and bagels of New York, or the cheese steak sandwiches of Philadelphia, Californians do pride themselves on the many things that can be grown here which has led to the consumption of locally grown ingredients. (The avocado, for example, is prominently exploited on “California” burgers.) Additionally, California’s tolerant society has led to an “anything goes” type of attitude, especially when it comes to pizza. Move over mozzarella and tomato: here comes Gorgonzola and pear.

How Does it Work?

Pair up with and you, too, can have locally grown, freshly prepared foods delivered to your home or office. Simply input your zip code to find restaurants offering Californian cuisine in your area and have it at your door within the hour. You can also schedule a delivery for a later time. Hanging ten with a group? No problem. We’ve got catering options, too, dude!

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