Bakery Delivery in LA & OC

Featured Bakeries and Restaurants that Specialize in Desserts

Sugar, spice, and everything nice…

Got a craving for something sweet? Have your desires fulfilled by bakers who know their Bundts, confectioners who know their candies, and chefs who know their chocolates. (You get the idea.) From muffins to pies to cookies to cakes to sweet crêpes, these restaurants will satisfy your sweet tooth like none other. Calories? If you’re here, don’t bother counting.

How Does it Work?

But you can count on to deliver those sweets to you at your home or office. Use your zip code to find restaurants serving sweet goodies and schedule a delivery in advance, or if that craving won’t wait, have it within the hour. Got a group that needs a sugar rush? We’ve got catering options, too!

Most Popular Bakeries

  1. Marie Callender's
  2. Coral Tree Café
  3. Champagne French Bakery
  4. Le Pain Quotidien
  5. Lenny's Deli
  6. Basix Café
  7. Amandine Patisserie Café
  8. La Brea Bakery
  9. Pain Du Monde
  10. Crème De La Crêpe