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Say kimchi!...

Nothing says Korean food like kimchi, a fermented vegetable dish typically prepared with Napa cabbage. It is one of the many sides that can accompany a given entrée such as barbeque beef short ribs (galbi). Another popular dish is bibimbap, which is rice topped with vegetables, chili pepper paste, and a wide array of other chosen additions. Menus will also include noodle dishes, soups or stews, and ssam. But it’s the bulgogi that many go crazy for.

How Does it Work?

Going cuckoo for Korean? Remain calm and let LAbite.com can bring it to your home or office. Simply enter your zip code to locate Korean restaurants in your area and have some bulgogi delivered within the hour. Want it later? You can schedule a delivery hours, days, even weeks ahead of time. Planning for guests (invited or not)? We’ve got catering options, too!

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