Olive branches

Since olives are so prominent in Greece, many Greek dishes are prepared with olive oil, giving the cuisine a distinct taste. Not so prominent: cattle. With a Greek menu, you, too, may be asking, “where’s the beef?” The meat of goats and sheep is much more common. Gyros are perhaps the most identifiable fare, but stuffed grape leaves (dolma), spanakopita, and moussaka are becoming more and more popular. And for dessert, baklava’s syrupy phyllo dough and nutty filling continue to have people going nuts for it. So come on; don’t let Greek food be Greek to you.

How Does it Work?

Food delivery doesn’t have to be Greek to you, either. Using LAbite.com is a cinch. Use your zip code to locate Greek restaurants in your area and have food delivered to your home or office within the hour, or schedule a delivery for a later time. Having a big, fat Greek feast? We’ve got catering options, too!

Top Greek Restaurants

  1. Daphne's Greek Cafe
  2. California Pita & Grill
  3. Delphi Greek
  4. The Green Olive
  5. The Great Greek
  6. Big Fat Pita
  7. George's Greek Grill
  8. DonerG Turkish Mediterranean Grill
  9. Blue Mediterranean Cafe
  10. Café Graikos