Meatless in Los Angeles...

Don’t eat meat? Fear not. There are plenty of alternatives to obtain the nutrients found in animal products, and there is no shortage of restaurants willing to provide them. And don’t assume that eating vegetarian limits one’s diet to salads and fruit. Soy products have been made that possess similar tastes and textures to hamburger patties or chicken, for example. While some restaurants cater exclusively to those with a vegetarian or vegan diet, others have devoted a menu section to items not prepared with animal products. So if you’re a die-hard carnivore dining with someone who won’t hurt a fly, choosing a restaurant that offers meat and meatless fare may be a middle ground.

How Does it Work?

Need vegetarian cuisine in a hurry? can deliver to your home or office within the hour. Simply enter your zip code to find restaurants serving vegetarian cuisine in your area. Want it later? Not a problem. You can schedule a delivery time for hours, days, or weeks in advance. Vegging out with a bunch of vegetarians? We’ve got catering options, too!

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