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Kosher cuisine encompasses strict tenets that must be adhered to in order for it to be acceptable to those practicing Judiasm. Only the meat of mammals that ruminate and have cloven hooves is consumable, only fish that have fins and scales are edible, and meat and milk must be completely separated. Not only can the two not be served together, but they also must be stored separately and utensils used with one cannot be used with the other. Some restaurants are certified kosher, having followed the guidelines established in Jewish religious texts.

How Does it Work? can deliver kosher cuisine your home or office. Input your zip code to locate certified Kosher restaurants in your area. Delivery can occur within the hour, or at a later time. Planning for a group? We’ve got catering options, too!

Popular Kosher Restaurants

  1. Real Food Daily
  2. Habayit Restaurant
  3. Got Kosher?
  4. Bodhi Kosher Thai
  5. Elite Cuisine
  6. Beverly Elite Café
  7. Schwartz Bakery & Café (Dairy)
  8. Schwartz Bakery & Deli (Meat)
  9. Trattoria Natalie
  10. Fish In The Village