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Haute Cuisine…

Don’t despair if all you know of French cuisine is the French dip sandwich and French fries (which are “pommes frites” in French, by the way). Use this opportunity to explore the offerings of local French restaurants. Among your findings will certainly be croque madams or monsieurs (sandwiches), pâté (a meat paste), quiche (a meat, cheese, or vegetable open-top pie), crudité (raw vegetable appetizers), beef bourguignon (braised beef stew with red wine, broth, garlic, onions, and mushrooms), and coq au vin (chicken cooked with mushrooms, wine, and garlic). Despite L.A.’s lack of a “Little Paris” neighborhood (sorry Perris, you don’t count), there are still abundant offerings of authentic French cuisine. Bon appétit!

How Does it Work?

Let satiate your “good appetite” by delivering to your home or office. Use your zip code to find French restaurants in your area and have crêpes Suzette at your door within the hour. Deliveries can also be scheduled for a later time, or days in advance. Have a group who want to experience Paris for a day (or at least a meal)? We’ve got catering options, too!

Most Popular French

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  3. Zinqué
  4. WeHo Bistro
  5. Taix
  6. Á Madame Tomate
  7. La Quinta Baking Co.
  8. Yellow Vase
  9. La Frite Cafe
  10. Cafe Beau Soleil