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It’s more than chop suey…

In fact, some argue that chop suey is not even an authentic Chinese creation. However, it does include rice, noodles, and vegetables, which are cornerstones of many Chinese dishes. Soybeans and wheat are also prominent when one considers tofu, soy sauce, dumplings, and steamed buns. Some restaurants offer dim sum, which are small appetizing portions, allowing for a sampling of many different food varieties. Note that Szechwan dishes tend to be spicy due to the use of chili peppers. However, requests for mild varieties are often accommodated if you can’t take the heat.

How Does it Work?

Can’t take the heat? Then stay out of the kitchen and let deliver delicious Chinese dishes to your home or office. By inputting your zip code, you can find Chinese restaurants in your area. Delivery can happen within the hour, or you can schedule a delivery for a later time. Got a group dying to try eating with chopsticks? We’ve got catering options, too (not to mention knives, forks, and spoons for those utensil-challenged individuals)!

Top Chinese Delivery

  1. P F Chang's
  2. Pick Up Stix
  3. Wokcano
  4. Chin Chin
  5. Wacky Wok
  6. Jin Jiang
  7. Feast From The East
  8. China Jo's
  9. Asian Fusion
  10. Bobby Mao's Chinese Kitchen