What is Corporate Select?

  • A line of credit extended by LAbite.com to your business.
  • A flexible system: we will add or change functionality to allow you to best manage and control your company meal expenses.
  • Allows your employees to order meals from LAbite.com, and your company to be billed directly.

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With LAbite.com’s Corporate Select Account, all of your company's meal expenses are organized and customizable to your exact needs.

View detailed reports and summaries online or download them through a central and customizable dashboard. These summaries and reports only include exact info you need for your meal expenses, no fluff.


Manage all your company’s meal expenses in one convenient billing system:

  • A monthly statement or an invoice. Working with a single source for meals online means no lost T&E expenses, and no need to reconcile and verify numerous vendor charges.
  • Group food purchases by codes – such as project & client names, or custom expense codes. You can easily manage these codes from your Corporate Select dashboard.
  • Upload codes to your company’s account for your staff to select at checkout (they can also enter their own codes).
  • Assign budgets to employees and departments, and link expenses directly to them.
  • Easily track each employee or departments’ meal expenses and manage budgets.


Per person budgets can be created to accommodate any custom level by dollar amount, time periods (daily, weekly or monthly), or employee group. These budgets will allow you to predict and set spending, create an efficient meal ordering system all employees can benefit from and ultimately save your company time and money.

Employees can supplement your budget allocation with additional personal payment at check out, giving them maximum flexibility.

Many diverse restaurant options

LAbite.com has partnered with 1474 local restaurants to bring our customers a wide variety of cuisine choices from local establishments to popular national chains. Choose by cuisine type, price point, popularity, and catering options.

Free to use

With no set up fees, annual license fees or per user fees to access, Corporate Select is highly cost-effective. You only pay for food and delivery-related charges.

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Please email us at cs@labite.com or call us at (310) 441-2483 and we’ll happily answer your questions and arrange an online demo of Corporate Select.

We’re ready to start delivering some great meals to your office. Let’s get started.